2012…Is it Really Over? Phew!

Not by might...
Not by might…

Just a little while longer and ‘The Year From Hell’ will be over! Well that’s at least how a couple of people I know would describe it. I was close to that too. I’ll admit, on ‘Wonderfulness-Of-Life-Ometer’, this has not been one of my best – not even close.

In 2012, I made more mistakes, failed in more ways than probably any year I’ve had since 1996 when I spent every waking moment playing video games and wondering why I didn’t make progress! Never was a year so full of heart breaks, secret tears, sleepless nights, unproductive days and reoccurring failures as was 2012 for me. A lot of really heart breaking experiences and all for one mega important lesson.

A lesson so important that it’s Continue reading

No More Friends On Facebook But…!

Just a quick one. Besides this blog, a lot of people use Facebook to contact or connect with me. Well, in case you didn’t know, Facebook won’t let you accept more than 5000 people as friends – so alas, I’m all out of spaces for now…


You can still subscribe to my public updates on Facebook and get in on the latest business tips and tricks and crazy conversations happening there.

If you really want to be a friend, in box me on Facebook when you subscribe to public updates. That way i can know who you are and am more likely to delete an inactive friend in your favor!

You can also connect with more on Google Plus , which is better than Facebook in my opinion, but that’s a post for another day.

TEDxHarare Event – Max Soutter & Bill Gates!

The TEDx business event has come to Zimbabwe for the first time and I’m excited about the great work the organizers have done in putting all this together. In case you don’t know, TED is an international event that brings together some really smart people to share ideas and inspiration in various domains. Tedx does a similar thing;

From the Tedxharare site: In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TEDlike experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.

Surprisingly, I’ve already Continue reading

Milton Kamwendo’s Friday Lunch Time Motivation – Catch Me Live On Friday!

Gimme the microphone
Gimme the microphone

This Friday, I’m speaking again at Milton Kamwendo’s Lunch Time Motivation meeting. For a full hour, you’ll have me for less than a 10th of the cost you could get me on any other day!

Below is the official advert they’ve sent out – check it out for details. Continue reading

Greatness Career Conference Was Great, play your part!

Was invited to speak on Marketing (Personal Branding) at the recent Greatness Career Guidance Conference which is probably the biggest one of its kind n Zimbabwe to date.

The idea was to expose students to top industry experts and thought leaders who could inspire and educate them on what it takes to be successful in their jobs and chosen careers.

It was a blast. Other speakers were; Continue reading

Merry Christmas – It’s Not About Presents!

Here’s me, wishing you, a undeniably, unbelievably and a ridiculously Merry Christmas!

I pray you’ll have a blessed day surrounded by family and true friends
and that you’ll have an absolute blast together. Of course,  It would also be great if you get that gift you’ve had your eye on all year BUT Continue reading

“See Me Live – At Innvo8 Today!”

Lunch time today, I’m talking out an hour to speak at the Innov8 “Friday Lunch Motivation”. Whilst i rarely accept speaking engagements, i decided to do this one for several reasons

  1. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs become more effective marketers
  2. Who doesn’t love Milton Kamwendo and the important work he’s doing?

Anyway, i know it’s short notice but if you’re available at lunch time today, you can catch me live Continue reading