I Got Something For Ya…

If you’ve been reading the Bizsetup Blog for at least a month, then you already know about my schizophrenic posting schedule. Well blame my wife, and these two guys…

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Some weeks i post twice a week, others weeks 4 or 5 times – that’s why i always encourage you to (subscribe to email updates. So you don’t miss anything.)

Blame my work schedule too.

See, I’m finally finishing off on a major project I’ve been working hard on for a while now and that’ll give me a few days of free-ish time.

That’s good news for you…here’s why:

Because there’s a whole bunch of excellent resources I’ve wanted to add to the blog for months now… i just haven’t really had the time – until now! These are resources people normally pay me for, coming at you free! I’m talking about hundreds of dollars worth of resources you’ll be able to grab for better than cheap – 100% free!

In the mean time, have you read all our past posts? There’s a world of great ideas, opportunities and advice – dig in!


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