Company Registration & Business Setup in Zimbabwe

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Want to register your company name (company formation)and setup your business in Zimbabwe? Business formation in Zimbabwe can be a very confusing and difficult process when you’re doing it for the first time.

The company registrars have changed their prices and operations so many times that even some consultants don’t know what’s going on – that’s why it’s really important that you understand the basics and you choose the right agent to register your business for you.

This post will show you what you the requirements for the company registration process in Zimbabwe, how to get it done quick, affordable and professionally! 

Why register your company in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe company registration

Is Your Zimbabwe Company Registered?

There are a few important benefits you should be aware of

  1. A registered company has more credibility. Having a business that’s not registered is a signal to potential customers and partners that you’re not serious. A registered company is an entry-level commitment and sign that you’re not just a fly by night operation or shadow business as so many in Zimbabwe have become.
  2. Big opportunities often require registration papers. Big government tenders and dealing with many big companies will often demand that you are able to produce your papers in one form or another. You may be capable of doing the job perfectly and at the best price, but you could lose the opportunity if you’re not registered.
  3. No registration papers? No corporate bank account. Again, if you’re dealing with larger amounts, most corporates will not pay you in cash. In fact, some investors or securities will not even consider you without looking at your banking history. You cannot get a corporate bank account without being a registered business. If you’ve been keeping your cash under the mattress, isn’t it time for the next level?
  4. If you’re building a real business, You MUST be registered. There are things you do to make a quick buck here and there, then there are things you do for the long-term – like your dream business or a business you hope to sell for massive profit one day. If your company is not registered, you will be disadvantaged and even hinder your growth.
  5. Registration proves you exist! This is important for Tax related issues and VAT. It’ll also prove important should you end up in court to defend you rights in some matter.
  6. Registration helps to protect your brand. You could invest significantly into building a name and reputation, only to watch someone else legally enjoy all the benefits because they’ve started a competing business and they own your name! Not much you can do to stop them!

In Zimbabwe there are two ways register your Company Name

  1. Buy a ‘shelf company’
  2. Register a business from scratch.

A shelf company is a business that for the most part has already been registered. Supposedly all you have to do is buy it, change the directors names and you’re done. It’s supposed to be faster and easier in every way. Truth is though, it’s NOT. These days it’ll take about the same amount of time and in some cases much longer to go the shelf company route. It’s also not really any cheaper (Except in some artificial pricing scenarios by some consultants).

More than all that though it will almost always hurt you in the long run. The silly sounding, nonsensical names often used will make your marketing both more difficult and expensive. The consultants who sell them won’t tell you this, most don’t know and the rest just don’t care. My recommendation? DO NOT BUY A SHELF COMPANY!

Registering from the start is the second and by far the best option. It allows you the most flexibility and branding power later. You’ll need to come up with at least 4 or 5 possible names for your name search.

How to Name Your Business

  1. Don’t try to win any creativity awards. This is more science than art so don’t waste days or weeks trying to find the perfect name.
  2. Keep it simple. You name should be easy to pronounce and spell. No silent letters or out of the ordinary punctuation marks
  3. Tie your name to your line of business. I should be able to look at your name and without any help, at least have a clue about what you do. Think ‘Chicken Inn’, ‘Securico’, ‘Floorcare’, ‘Agri-Bank’. Sure, you could use a name like Coca-cola, Kodak or Apple…but be prepared to spend a massive amount of money on branding to help us associate that name with your line of business in the mind of your market.
  4. Make it as unique as possible. I’m talking about unique in your industry or domain, not in the world. Unless you’re using words and sounds or geographic qualifiers like (Zimtech, Zimsun or Zimnat) coming up with a completely original name may be difficult. I’d recommend going for a name that’s unique in your industry. If you understand SEO, then you may also want to see what implications that name could have from that perspective.
  5. Finally, submit your names in order of priority. when you submit your list of names to be registered, you’ll need a CR 21 form, unless you are registering a Private Business Corporation (PBC). Whether you do it with the Business Setup Group or whoever, please remember to write them in order of preference. That way, if you don’t get your most wanted name, the company registrar’s office knows which one on your list you’d next prefer.

Best Way To Register your company.

Now there are dozens of places to get your company registered in Zimbabwe. Many will charge you ridiculous amounts to get it done, then take forever to do it and finally, they’ll deliver a shoddy half done job.

Here’s 4 important reasons to use the Business Setup Group to register your company in Zimbabwe

  1. We’ll help you come up with a name that best suits your business. Not only will it be creative, but also easy to brand and strategically sound for your future search engine (Google) results.
  2. You’ll have all your papers in less than 12 working days. No waiting for endless and uncertain weeks or even months as many have had to.
  3. You will be properly registered. Making sure that it properly denotes your kind of business, whilst giving the flexibility to expand into additional markets and opportunities later.
  4. $200 Worth of Bonuses (100% Free). In addition to all this, IF you’re one of the next 10 people to register your company through us, we’ll provide you with $200 worth of business building bonuses. We’ve worked with and advised more entrepreneurs in setting up and growing their businesses than anyone else in Zimbabwe. Along the way we’ve been fortunate to learn more tricks, tips and traps than most will ever experience. We’ve put together a powerful marketing to get your business going from day one. We’ll get you 60 days of free automatic, no cost marketing to over 15 000 people. Informing them about your business, products and services. Just imagine the advantage of being able to launch your new business with that kind of continuous and effective marketing FROM DAY ONE? And the best thing about is that it won’t cost you a single dollar (others have paid as much as $200 extra for this sort of system)

The full registration, plus our marketing bonus will cost you just $285 for a package some would charge you almost $700 for!

But you have to be one of the next 10 people to get this massive bonus that’s not even available for ANY price, anywhere else in Zimbabwe. Ready to move? Contact me personally right now

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79 responses to “Company Registration & Business Setup in Zimbabwe

  1. You just keep coming up with the good stuff. Thank you sir.

  2. I agree with Markey, You now have a record of bring winning ideas and knowledge to entrepreneurs.

    Concerning the topic above, I have been procratinating with registration of my company for a long time now. For one it was just too pricey, but secong to that i did not understand the importance. Thanks to you now i am empowered with good knowledge.

  3. Max your blog z been my favorite since the inception of the gmail buzz, which is what introduced me to you. Your articles are so deep. I want to start a business in Zim but currently i am not based there . I have great ideas which i believe will take me far if i am helped by knowledgeable professional people like you on how to go about the paper work as well as good marketing skills. I hope when i come to Zim month end your offer will still be there and i can be the 10th person………..though its highly improbable

    • Hi Carol, thanks for reading. Zimbabwe is wide open for new ideas if you’re willing to do the work and play a strategic game. I look forward to meeting you when you come…hope you make it for that number 10 spot!

  4. This is good information Max.Thanks to you for enlightening us new Entrepreneurs.I have benefited quite a lot as I am also a consultant and also help potential clients with company registration.Keep up the good work.This shows that you are a transparent business man.This is a wealth of information.

  5. Max, is this offer still standing?

  6. I would like you to introduce my site to your friends, I am studing a logo I’ll show it to know what about it.

  7. As always Max, this is great stuff. The offer came a bit late for me i had already registered. And to be honest it took eternity to get the papers done. Your offering is mouth watering for anyone looking at starting a business in Zimbabwe.

    I hope you will come up with a complimentary package for those with start-ups which will cover the marketing exposure to a list of 15000 people. If you come with it i will be the first customer.

    Thanks for the wealth of information.

  8. Iwant to run a clothing retails shop in harare

  9. Very generous information. Thank you sir.

  10. Hey i want to start a cctv company which offers the latest tele eye services.I think there is a big market.Also i want to launch an entreprenuership magazine.Is it feasible?Help me please i have a lot of business ideas and i feel you will help me reach to the top. Is it ok for one to register many and different companies under one name

  11. I also want to start a soccer newspaper.Cónsidering that soccer is our number sport i was thinking of a weekly soccer paper.Am also interested in mining so am asking if you can help with getting the applìcation for small scale miners.I have found potential investors but their want to see a well written proposal ,can you help me with that also.

    God bless you

  12. hello thank you for the information you have provided for big dreamers like me l would like to register a lawn and grass cutting company we are already operating like you said to show we are serious we should register please keep in touch

  13. Hi Max
    I’ve only just discovered your website and I think as an entrepreneur in the making it will definitely come in very handy. I am currently not living in Zimbabwe but planning on moving back there within the next 12months. I hope to use your services.

  14. I too have only just ‘accidentally’ discovered your website and boy am I ever so glad I did. Max, the information that you are providing us with is truly invaluable, thank you so much for sharing it, God has really caused you to prosper and may He continue to grant you favour.
    I have been contemplating about what i’m going to do when I move back home but know I think starting a business is the way to go. I have quite a few business ideas which I came up with after noticing gaps in the market and I hope when I come home to visit in a few months we will be able to discuss these further.
    Thanks again

  15. what are other requirements 2 start a shelf company?

  16. Brighton Mupariwa

    so far so good from the fact that it’s simple to interact

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    I would like to register farming enterprise. What are the requirements fro registration? Are there any qualifications required? What are the minimum and maximum number of directors required? Any other relevant information

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  19. Please assist. I need the processs on how to De-register a comany in Zimbabwe. We have a company that was registered in 2001 and has been dormant now for about 6 years. We have to de-register it to avoidhaving to prepare annual financial statements for it year after year. I cannot find details (the process and or forms) on the net. Much appreciated.

    • shepherd mahanda

      what is the name of the company am interested to buy it from you, my contact numbers 0772485689

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    thanks, keep up good work.

  24. keep up the god work and please help me on my registration. please. thanks

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    I want to start a company and register it for the first time,I want to know what documentation do you require in order to do that and what is the charge for the whole process


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    May you be blessed.

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  31. Need to register a company, have the c r 21 forms, wat do i do nxt?

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    • shepherd mahanda

      All you need is a name of the company and registartion number , you may get the copies from registrar of compamies, Max can assist you with the process, i really like this blog being a consultant as well

  33. Thanks Max for the info. I want to start up registration of a new company. The info provided is very useful.

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    • Hie
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  38. Tatenda Dzikiti

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  40. tKaitlinMorieohg

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    • Hello there Trymore

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      Kind regards


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    Have been trying to get In touch via fbk I would like help with registering a company in zimbabwe . Please reply with some info

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