SPECIAL REPORT: How To Chose A Multilevel Marketing Company In Zimbabwe

get free reportOne of the questions I’m often asked about network marketing, is “Max, which one should i join?” Today I’ll answer that question. Now those of you who know me know also that I don’t easily endorse any opportunity, and when I do, it’s because I’ve done my home-work and often personally made use of it.
Listen, Multilevel marketing is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to make money in Zimbabwe. It’s a far easier and affordable way to start your own business than most traditional methods, and I highly recommend it…but not just any.

Want to know exactly which network marketing company i recommend, and why? Want to know the facts about why so many are struggling to make money in MLM in Zimbabwe and what you can do differently?

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How To Find An Office in Harare CBD

Harare officesSo now that your business is registered and going formal, you’ll be thinking about office space to operate from. Finding a decent and affordable premises for offices, even in the Harare CBD can be really difficult but perhaps i can help. Whether you’re a small team or a one man band, if your company is registered and you’re looking for office space in Harare, this post is for you – oh and use the form below if you’d like some help with the process.

First things first though, lets talk a little about how you should choose an office space. Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself before you settle on any business premises in Harare Continue reading

How To Apply For Liquor License In Zimbabwe

liquor licenseIf you are opening a bar or bottle store, then one of the main requirements in formalizing your business is to obtain a Liquor License. This is different from the shop license i mentioned yesterday and is to be applied for separately. Here’s the process and what is required for the license; Continue reading

How To Get A Shop License In Zimbabwe

shop license ZimbabweIf your business sells from a shop in Zimbabwe, you’re going to require a shop license to trade legally and fully formalize your business. Here is how to get it done for yourself if you have the time. If you need help with the process we are happy to help for a small fee, just use the form below to get in touch

Procedure For Application For A Shop License Continue reading

WARNING: Read This BEFORE You Get Into That Business Partnership!

business partnershipOne of the most important decisions you’ll make in the early life of your  business start-up is whether to go it alone, or partner with someone else. Few things can determine the success or failure of a start-up like the quality of its business partnerships. In this article, I’ll take you through some of the critical considerations to make, and the terrible traps to avoid in partnerships, but first

Why bother partnering with anyone?

The whole point of a partnership is that it should make the accomplishing of a goal easier. It takes a multitude of things to build a successful business and its very likely you don’t have them all, especially in these early days. So Remember this Continue reading

That’s Not The School of Hard Knocks!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome people wear their problems and bad decisions like a badge of honor…”you don’t know what I been through” and “I’ve been through the school of hard knocks”.

In reality though, school isn’t in session until Continue reading

Back In Zimbabwe After Years in the Diaspora? Here’s 6 Ways To Switch On Your Local Business Brain!


i love zimbabweIf you’ve been away in South Africa, UK, USA – anywhere in the Diaspora for  years, one of the challenges you’re going to face is readjusting to how business works here in Zimbabwe. You may also find it a little challenging to identify or evaluate business ideas or in meeting people who could answer questions or prove useful. As this is a topic i get a lot of questions on, I thought today, i would give you a few suggestions on how to get your Zimbo on…If you know anyone in that position, do share this post with them

1) Don’t Just Sit There, Go somewhere!

If you’re going to find business ideas and opportunities after years away

Continue reading

How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Viable Business

Turn your hobby into a business
Turn your hobby into a business

Do you have a hobby you simply love? Knitting, cooking, baking, Fishing, Hunting, talking – whatever? Sure you do. Well how would you like to get paid for doing that?

If yes, then here is how to go about it

Step One: Find out who gets paid for this, why and how. For example, if your hobby is cooking, do you know who gets paid to cook? What types of businesses are making money from that? Lets see;

You’re Not To Old To Start A Business, Here’s Why

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So you’d love to start a business here in Zimbabwe, but you’re worried that you’re too old? Let me tell you, you have nothing to fear from old age, and here’s why;
robert mugabe zimbabwePresident Robert Mugabe is 90 years and starting another term of as president of Zimbabwe! I bet you’re a lot younger than 90 aren’t you? Age is first and foremost a state of mind, not body. Many people allow themselves to start to feel old at 50 years old.


Heck, at that young age Continue reading

5 Reasons Becoming An Entrepreneur Is A Good Idea

Man on topIs becoming an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe a good idea, or should you just look for a job?

Choosing to go the entrepreneurial route is not something to be taken lightly, there are pros and con to consider. However, there can be no doubt that while entrepreneurship maybe the tougher route in the beginning, the rewards for success, far surpass anything formal employment will ever offer you.

So here are 5 good reasons to consider becoming an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe. Continue reading

3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Social Media Marketing

3 important thingsOne of the main reasons entrepreneurs fail to make effective use of social media  is that it’s so new. The text books and vast majority of marketing courses  in Zimbabwe, just aren’t teaching this stuff. The result? A marketing degree/ certificate/ diploma without even a basic understanding of the single most important marketing medium in the world – Social Media.

Doesn’t make sense.

Now there’s a lot to learn if you’re going to be truly effective in social media and gather hundreds or thousands (or much more) of people who genuinely follow you (not just like you). However, there are 3 things that if you don’t understand anything else, you should at least understand these 3 things;

1) Social Media is for heretics. If your message is the same as your competitor’s, forget about social media. What you need to do is Continue reading

Why I Hate ‘Tawanda’ – And How To Be Rememebered

Boring-church-serviceI hate “Tawanda”, and “Tendai” and “John Smith”. No, not Tawanda Nyambirai from TN Holdings or Tendai X from wherever – not the people, the names.

I’d bet there isn’t a more common name in Zimbabwe than Tawanda except maybe Tendai. They’re just too common, and common means average and average means boring and boring means easily forgotten. ‘Tawanda’ might be a great guy (all one million of them), but Tawanda is exactly the opposite of what you want for our business.

Boring is easily forgotten. It’s expensive to build a brand around boring…it’ll take a lot more time and money to be remembered, to stand out, to be remarkable.

Think about it

Too many Zimbabwean entrepreneurs right now starting Tawanda businesses, selling Tawanda products and creating Tawanda marketing. I hope you’re not one of them. I’m busy going through everything around me now getting rid of anything that’s ‘Tawandarish’. You should too.

Oh. and if you’re name is Tawanda, no offense! I mean it’s a lot better than being a Lucifer. 

Oh and could have chosen any common name for this purpose – for example “Max” is one of the all time most popular dog names in the world, not flattering! However – “Tawanda” for those who don’t speak Shona, actually means “there’s a heck of a lot of us”. When it comes to your business, you want to be able to say “There’s no one like us”.

Street Smarts VS Book Smarts in Business

Street SmartWhenever i talk about Book smarts vs street smarts, someone accuses me of trashing educational institutions or hating business school. Those who are educated exclusively in this way get sensitive and think that I’m saying that they don’t know anything – so not true…

Well um…sort of!

School smarts (formal education) are great, got nothing against them at all. They award certificates that look great on a CV. They teach you concepts and principles that you might not find elsewhere as easily. They can even make your name look better on paper and help establish your credibility – after all, if your life depended on it, who’d you prefer to meet at the operating table in a hospital…

Dr Max Soutter or Mr Max Soutter?

If you’re a professional climbing the corporate ladder and that’s your goal, then you should know that there are many doors that a piece of paper can open for you – rightly so, for the most part.

BUT and it’s a big but…in business, for entrepreneurs, the world works differently.

In business more academic qualifications don’t equate to you being more intelligent, better equipped or more likely to succeed…sometimes it can even mean the opposite. The most important qualifications, knowledge or skills in business aren’t gained in any formal academic system.

For those my friend, you’ll have to go to the Street University!

The street university is where your theories, ideas and ‘the stuff you’re made of’ is tested. The street university isn’t looking to see how many books you’ve read or how many degrees you have. Rather it’s looking to see how determined, focused and courageous you are. The Street university is also where we find out if your idea, that looks amazing on paper is actually practical or if you are in fact the man to pull it off.

The difference between these two is why career professionals (or long time employees) often have a very hard time making the transition from employee to entrepreneur. The two world’s work very different

For example

  • Employees are rewarded for following instructions, conforming to established systems and expectations (just like in school)
  • Entrepreneurs are most rewarded for standing out, going against the grain and creating their own systems
  • Employees are expected to perform to the degree that they’ve been equipped with support systems to perform (like school).
  • An entrepreneur needs to perform no matter what.
  • Most employees get paid even if they have a bad week – or month. Some get paid even to do close to nothing (in school, besides major exam years, you get to progress from one grade to another, even if you don’t ‘deserve’ to.)
  • Entrepreneurs get paid accordingly to the value they create. Bad performance will almost always affect your pay-day.
  • Employees will tend to focus on their job security.
  • Entrepreneurs will tend to focus more on financial freedom…and the job security of others.
  • Employees are often given a daily agenda and initiative often hindered (Just like teachers dictate the agenda of most students).
  • When an entrepreneur wakes up, he has to design his own agenda and initiative is a must.

‘Street university’ or the school of the practical is a very different world to the world where you’re given all the rules, a pre-thought out syllabus, a teacher to guide you through it and a fairly predictable exam. BUT

Street University doesn’t have to be a School of Hard Knocks!

School of Hard Knocks implies that you’re only learning the hard way, but you can be smarter than that, right?

  • Learn from people who have already made the mistakes you might have made and are already achieving the goals you’re setting for yourself.
  • Learn by acting on your goals and ideas. Don’t let perfectionism keep you from acting.
  • If you make a mistake, get back up fast, learn the lesson and move on.
  • Increase your EQ (emotional quotient)
  • Develop your leadership skills

If I could only have one, I’d choose street smarts over school smarts.  Fortunately it’s not either or. The street university is often turned in the school of hard knocks when you start out with stupid theories or just plain ignorance of basic concepts. Concepts that are taught in formal educational setups.

So Both is best as long as you know which is which I guess.

Stay smart.

5 Things You Should Know About Marketing

Actually there are more than 10 things to know about marketing, but there are a few things that if you know them, you immediately stand out.

*    If you are marketing from a fairly static annual budget, you’re viewing marketing as an expense. Good marketers realize that it is an investment.
*    People don’t buy what they need. They buy what they want.
*    Business to business marketing is just marketing to consumers who happen to have a corporation to pay for what they buy.
*    Traditional ways of interrupting consumers (TV ads, trade show booths, junk mail) are losing their cost-effectiveness.
*    Effective stories match the worldview of the people you are telling the story to.

Where’s Your Hulk?

Watched the Avengers movie? The heroes (as usual) had to face incredible odds to save the world from wicked alien forces. Awesome stuff. One of my favourite parts was when Loki (the villain) says to Tony Stark (Iron Man), “I have an army”. Tony Stark replies confidently, Continue reading