You’re Too Boring To Lead Me

Want to be boring? Be Luke warm, agree, but also disagree, be balanced. No one wants to watch a movie that’s not too scary, or not too funny. Heck, If you’re going to be funny, be funny.

This is the problem many brands, people, products, books, pastors, articles and organizations have – they won’t take a definite stand on anything, for fear of criticism from the half that disagrees. They won’t be found far from the safe middle ground just in case someone disapproves. Society demands that leaders take bold stances, marketing requires they make bold claims (but genuine).

The result – you’re too boring to be noticed, or remembered or even followed. You simply blend into the back ground, too afraid to stand out as for or against – so in the end, neither those who are for or against are influenced by you.

Don’t try to be the fastest AND also the highest quality and the cheapest. It’s almost completely impossible and very rarely a profitable strategy. Pick a side and push it right to the edges.

Hey I’m not against balance, in somethings it’s absolutely essential. Just don’t expect to gather the passion of people for your brand or product in areas that you’re balanced in. In those areas, you just don’t have something to say that anyone wants to hear.

Most industries have an edge, a position that you can take that will gain you the respect of some and make you a few enemies. It has to genuine though, when your values or your style challenges standards that others in your industry accept or even preach as right, you’ve got a golden branding opportunity.

The chance to not be boring.

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