Start a Consulting Business In Zimbabwe

Interested in becoming a consultant In Zimbabwe? First it’s important to understand what a consultant is and exactly what he does.

A consultant by definition and description is ‘an expert in a particular subject who’s paid by individuals or businesses to advise them in matters pertaining to that subject – and based on this definition I can tell you that there are very many options for you in the Zimbabwe market.

Consultancy is on the increase in Zimbabwe, in large part because of the low-cost and easy barrier to entry of setting up the business as well as the advancement of technology and it’s bearing on everyday life and how we all have to interact with it – that’s where consultants come in – helping bridge the gap, between their much-needed expertise and the company wondering how to create a desired outcome.

The most important strategic goal for a consultant is to become the respected authority or the ‘thee go to person’ in your field. It’s no easy task, but it can be done if you’ve got the passion, skill, you deliver what you promise and of extreme importance – the proper marketing approach.

In thinking about what you could consult on you should be trying to identify what subject you’re most at home in and know the most about. A subject you already are or could become passionate about.

For example, are you passionate about investment financing? Do you know your stuff on what and how people should be investing in Zimbabwe? Do you find yourself naturally advising friends and family about the best financial investment plans for them, do you find yourself keeping up to date with the latest investment updates and are your projections mostly accurate?

If yes, then maybe you should consider turning your knowledge into a service or into a resource that people would be willing to pay money for.

This is just one of a zillion hundreds of examples. You might find that you’re in a similar situation in the area of baking, security, computers, marketing, art, retailing, fund-raising, hospitality, events management, interior decor, tailoring, safaris and the list goes on and on and on.

One of the best things about starting a consultancy business is that, as in many knowledge service based businesses, the start-up costs are usually quite affordable indeed. A good place to start is also to consider our Business Setup Kit for consultants. It will save you time, money and many sleepless nights wondering what to do next and how to go about it.

5 thoughts on “Start a Consulting Business In Zimbabwe

  1. good work hey,sad most zimbabweans dont want to get consutants they think its costly yet one saves money in many ways. in my case i dont charge much but people think they can do it on their own sadly in most cases they fail.


  2. […] Zimbabwean business is constantly bombarded by local newspapers with negative reports on the latest political and economic situations we face. No surprises there, newspapers make their money not by telling you the simple truth or factoids, but from telling you as much bad news as they can fit into a single edition. Bad news = fear, hatred, confusion…all emotions that lead to sales. […]

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