How to Make Daily Progress That Matters

Successful people ‘think progress’ all the time.  Do you?

Ofcourse,it helps to know where you’re going. I’m talking about really knowing your destination, What and where it is and isn’t. And whenever you get closer to it, that’s what we call progress.

However,  not all progress, is progress that matters For example: A student writing a major exam in 2 weeks focuses his attention on getting thebest note books & stationery…is he making progress?

The answer should be obvious.

Progress is almost always about acquiring or growing an asset.

  • Developing a brand
  • Growing a customer base
  • Gaining new marketing advantages
  • Gaining startegic market intelligence
  • Bringing new or better talent onboard
  • Developing important skills
  • …and so on

A new website is not progress that matters. An online communication vehicle that attracts, persuades and engages your market – that matters. Does your website do that?

Buying a new computer is not progress that matters. A tool that expands your capacity and increasesefficiency and effectiveness – that matters. Does your new laptop do that?
Even Another client doesnt always really matter (unless you’re broke). Another client that pays well, generates wordof mouth and gives you a testimonial making your marketing more effective, that matters.

i could go on…but i think you get it
Managing assets is about correctly and strategically allocating resources to achieve what matters. To do this ask;

  1. What matters most right now?
  2. Why does it matter so much?
  3. What will matter 12 months from now?

2010 has just begun… Here’s to making present and future progress that actually matters.
Max Soutter


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