How To Start A Business With No Money

Want to start a business but have no money? Now’s your chance.

For the next 7 days only, you can get a Business Setup Kit on a purely barter trade basis.We’re accepting all kinds of things…cell phones, lines, laptops…be creative. If you’re really serious about starting your business, then this could be a chance of a life time.

Remember the Business Setup Kit is worth thousands of dollars and already under priced for now. Find out more by reading our brochure.

You’ll get everything you need to get going with your new business so don’t miss out.

Finally, ‘Customer Thief’ is almost done (way over due), so if you want a free copy, stay tuned…i’ll be posting it for free download for just a few days… dont miss out.


p.s. be creative about the barter trade deal, nothing is out of bounds so send me an email or give me a call to propose a trade. See the Business Setup Kit brochure here.

p.p.s. Check out my last book free to find other creative ways to do business without money –

7 thoughts on “How To Start A Business With No Money

  1. IF i do barter trade with you and i get the business set up brochure i will still need cash to start up the business even though i have the know how.

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