How To Apply For Liquor License In Zimbabwe

liquor licenseIf you are opening a bar or bottle store, then one of the main requirements in formalizing your business is to obtain a Liquor License. This is different from the shop license i mentioned yesterday and is to be applied for separately. Here’s the process and what is required for the license;

  1. Four Identical Legible Floor and elevation plans of the business premises
  2. Photocopies of the adverts you have posted in government gazette and a daily paper
  3. Letter to the director of Health Services requesting for a health report (with contact telephone numbers).
  4. Pay submission fees – currently set at $140
  5. A copy of town planning permit.

Hope that helps. Are you trying to get a different license for your business? Or something else you need information on or help with – do feel free to get in touch

One thought on “How To Apply For Liquor License In Zimbabwe

  1. The Health Department do not issue a Liquor License but the Liquor Board located at the Makombe Complex as per the Liquor Act. Only Zimbabwe citizens can apply for a liquor license.
    Among other things you need the following:
    *a duly completed application form for the bottle store license
    *A letter from the Department of Town Planning with no objection to you operating a bottle store at your designated building site.
    *Inspection report by the City Health Department or the Liquor Board Inspectorate on the status of the property.
    *three approved plans showing the layout of the building
    *an affidavit which states that they are no ties to license
    *a copy of your identification signed by a commission of oath
    *police clearance on form 55
    *advert in the national paper and government gazette of your intention to open a bottle store
    * a copy of the lease agreement
    The Secretary of the Liquor Board is able to provide requirements to anyone interested in opening a bottle store.


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