How To Find An Office in Harare CBD

Harare officesSo now that your business is registered and going formal, you’ll be thinking about office space to operate from. Finding a decent and affordable premises for offices, even in the Harare CBD can be really difficult but perhaps i can help. Whether you’re a small team or a one man band, if your company is registered and you’re looking for office space in Harare, this post is for you – oh and use the form below if you’d like some help with the process.

First things first though, lets talk a little about how you should choose an office space. Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself before you settle on any business premises in Harare Continue reading

How To Apply For Liquor License In Zimbabwe

liquor licenseIf you are opening a bar or bottle store, then one of the main requirements in formalizing your business is to obtain a Liquor License. This is different from the shop license i mentioned yesterday and is to be applied for separately. Here’s the process and what is required for the license; Continue reading

How To Get A Shop License In Zimbabwe

shop license ZimbabweIf your business sells from a shop in Zimbabwe, you’re going to require a shop license to trade legally and fully formalize your business. Here is how to get it done for yourself if you have the time. If you need help with the process we are happy to help for a small fee, just use the form below to get in touch

Procedure For Application For A Shop License Continue reading

Happy Harare:If This Doesn’t Make You Smile, Check Your Pulse

I was all smiles after watching this. Clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth! Thank you Media Matrix and UrbanSpace for making something worth sharing

Do I need a business plan to register my business in Zimbabwe?

Question – Do I require a business plan or project proposal to register my company?

The definite and simple answer is NO. You are not required to supply a business plan of any kind in order to formalize your business with the registrar of Zimbabwe.

The actual requirements are very simple. Any consultant asking for a project proposal in order to register your business is either wanting to steal your ideas, or else just doesn’t know what they are doing.

Here’s what else you don’t need, and here’s an easy online form to get started with registering.